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Eirian Cohen is a British Actress who has had starring roles in films such as The Eschatrilogy, The Psychiatrist and Inside Fear amongst others.

Her career began in 1997 when she was accepted into SLP College of Performing Arts having just turned 17.Her first acting role was in York Dungeons which was closely followed by a short film 'A Father for the Dead' which would later become one of three tales included in the award winning fantasy horror 'The Eschatrilogy. Since then, Eirian has been involved in many different films and TV series and has just finished filming a feature length psychological thriller, Inside Fear.

Eirian is a team member of the Yorkshire Academy of Film and Television Acting which was established in 2013.

Having took a key role in Undercover Eirian Joined the ESG Media Team in Early 2014, and from lead roles to running an acting academy and an agency, Eirian has cemented her involvement in the Acting, TV and Indie Film industry.

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