Inside Fear

Concept By
Eirian Cohen
Story By
Eirian Cohen
Screenplay By
William Fletcher
Directed By
William Fletcher


Kristie and Dean are deeply in love. Kristie's unexpected pregnancy is a blessing, and life is idyllic for the young couple until 7 months into the pregnancy, when they are violently attacked.During her recovery in hospital Kristie befriends a kind stranger, a psychotherapist named Rose, whose daughter is terminally ill.

We catch up with Kristie six years after the attack. Her life and marriage have been severely affected by the attack, leaving her terrified of going outside. When she is forced to go outside to retrieve an important package, her mental state degenerates further. She calls Rose for help, after experiencing nightmares and severe agoraphobia. Unable to cope with the trauma of the attack she begs Rose for help. Rose lets slip that her husband Nigel is working on a new 'Wonder Drug'. Kristie's severe mental state prompts Rose and her husband to give the drug to Kristie.

Kristie acts aggressively towards Dean as she becomes hooked on the drug, and it becomes clear that the drug is unveiling a dark and angry side of her personality. Meanwhile we see the truth of the idyllic marriage - that her loving and supportive husband is not what he appears to be. Kristie's only safe space turns into a chilling and hellish place, and her terror turns to panic as she realises that kindly Rose and her husband have an ulterior motive for giving her the drug

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