Concept By
Melanie Denholme
Story By
Michelle Gent
Screenplay By
Eddie Bammeke
Directed By
Eddie Bammeke


A co-production with Melanie Denholm Productions Twisted is a horror of a new kind, a mind scare of the darkest degree. Sleep tight after watching the decline of all morals in this new breed of scare.

High flying business woman Grace is about to seal the deal of all deals that will make her one of the most powerful people in the world. Danny her down trodden boyfriend feels the pain as the deal he once was involved in now tears him and the woman he loves apart. Haunted by flash visions of a masked attacker Grace is secretly pregnant with a child. Soon Grace realises the masked attacker is not after her. The innocent soul inside her body is causing a battle in her conscience as the devil and a spiritual apathetic god fight over the pure life inside her.

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